Error, indeed, is never set forth in its naked deformity, lest, being thus exposed, it should at once be detected. But it is craftily decked out in an attractive dress, so as, by its outward form, to make it appear to the inexperienced (ridiculous as the expression may seem) more true than the truth itself. - Irenaeus

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Rock of Ages?

It has been said that is better to know the Rock of Ages
 rather than the age of the rocks.
 Debates abound as to the age of the earth and it's rocks, and none of us were around when God spoke it into existence.  Considering that God is outside of time, us trying to relate to his procedure of things is like an ant climbing up a blade of grass in a golf course and proclaiming he now understands the size of the earth.
Coastal redwoods of California as the one above can be dated by its growth rings showing some over 2500 years old and still going strong.  So while Christ walked the earth this tree was just getting started.  Then there are petrified fossils of such trees like the one below 12.5 feet in diameter found at 8,200 feet above sea level at the Florissant fossil beds in Colorado that were buried by volcanic ash and lahar mud-flows long before there were pyramids in Egypt.  Similar stumps can be see at the Ginko Fossil beds of eastern Washington left over from when there were no Cascade Mountains to hinder the flow of marine air to what is now a desert climate.  How many thousands of years did it take for these mountains to push up to where they are today?  Many of them are volcanoes which have been dormant for hundreds of years.  When Mount St. Helen erupted in 1980 it was a reminder of our ancient past that created petrified wood.
Mastodon and Woolly Mammoth tusks are dug out of the ground every year in Alaska such as the ones below that I turned into pieces of art.  The last of these big hairy elephants disappeared about 10,000 years ago and those that we find today have been frozen in the tundra for all of these years.
This scrimshawed drawing above is on a piece of ancient elephant tusk measure about 5 inches tall.
Below I did a relief carving on this large tusk sitting on my work bench which was then mount on two pieces of Alaska jade for the late Mel Quakenbush of Fairbanks, AK
Skeletons of ancient extinct whales have been found in the Egyptian desert from when there once was an inland sea large enough for whales.  But these are whales nothing like what we have today.
Wadi El Hitan - Whales in the desert
Many types of fossils have been found high in the mountains around the world.  Most often they are found in sedimentary type rock that at one time was lying flat on an ocean floor and now it is elevated in a every possible angle thousands of feet in the mountains.  A global flood is one explanation but it is more complicated than that.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Bahaism and the Spirit of the Antichrist

The Bahai concept of religious unity and international government, is closely linked to the many other religious groups involved in the ecumenical movement, and at times associated with the "New Age" movement.  They are highly evangelistic in promoting their views.  Bahaism began in Persia, as an offshoot of Islam, with Mirsa Ali Muhammed (1819-1850).  In 1844 he announced that he was the Bab (the Gate) who would be the forerunner of the "Promised One" who would be an manifestation of God.  After his death, one of his followers, Baha'u'llah (the glory of Allah), came to believe that he was this "Promised One".  Baha'u'llah claimed himself to be another manifestation of Christ and the fulfillment of the prophecy by Jesus in John 14:16-17 in which there was to come a SPIRIT or Comforter which would be with us forever.   Baha'u'llah however died in 1892 at the age of 75 and is no longer with us.
Bahai Temple in Haifa, Israel
Baha'u'llah's son, Abdul Baha, brought the new religion to the United States in 1912 and built a $2.5 temple in Wilmette, Illinois.
Bahai Temple Wilmette, Illinois
In Bahaism the Biblical and historical version of Christianity is modified.  Christ is robbed of his incarnate deity by placing him on the same level as the other religious teachers.  He is also accorded a position inferior to that granted to Baha'u'llah.  Bahai, like in Islam, do not believe in the bodily resurrection of Christ, the inerrancy of the Bible, eternal punishment, a literal hell, the blood atonement of the cross, nor Satan and his demons whom Jesus dealt with throughout his ministry.  Yet, they claim that Baha'u'llah taught the same things as the Bible.  True followers of Jesus have to deal with the Devil and resist demons.  (Mark 16:17-18)

The Bible tells us the true Comforter, or Holy Spirit, came to us at the day of Pentecost (Acts 2:1-21) and gave POWER to the believers and supernatural gifts as a witness for God's kingdom.

Bahaism is a prime example of Jesus' words in Matthew 24:11, when he spoke of the end of this present age.  "And many false prophets will arise and will mislead many."  Then concerning the Bahais plea for world peace they avoid apostle Paul's warning of the true visitation of the Day of the Lord.  "While they are saying, 'Peace and safety!' then destruction will come upon them suddenly like birth pangs upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape." (1 Thess. 5:3)  Apostle Paul wrote these extremely strong words concerning those who would follow after a false gospel.  "But even though we or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to that which we have preached to you, let him be accursed" (Gal. 1:8-9).

The Bible says in John 3:36, "He who believes in the Son has eternal life, but he who does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him."  Therefore, it is necessary that we repent of any false gospel and turn away from any sin or deception, and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins; and you shall receive the gift of the true Holy Spirit.  Jesus said that otherwise we shall die in our sins and be thrown into the lake of fire, which is the second death or Hell.  (Acts. 2:38, Rev. 20:15, 21:8)

Saturday, July 14, 2018

The Jehovah's Witness Deception Program

When Raymond Franz, a third-generation member of the Jehovah's Witnesses, finally broke free and wrote his book Crisis of Conscience (1992) inside information was revealed like no other time in the history of their religion.
What started in the 1870's as an independent bible study by Charles Taze Russell now covers the globe with missionaries and literature lead by the Watchtower organization in New York.  Their door-to-door witnessing program is a polished machine which preys on the naive who know little about the bible.  Their New World Translation in modern English has been translated to support the bias of Watchtower doctrinal views and few are equipped to argue with them.  The Watchtower still refuses to publish any names of the so-called scholars responsible for the NWT and scholars outside the organization are simply written off as tools of the Devil.  So no one could get it correct for over 1800 years until Charles Taze Russell came along.
But now it is not Russell who holds the keys to the kingdom.  It is the governing body of which Raymond Franz was a member for the last nine years of his sixty years as a Witness.  Then, he became a different kind of witness, one who exposed the power of manipulation and deception the governing body holds.  It was a painful "crisis of conscience" for him as it will be for anyone who questions the authority of the anointed class.
Members are reluctant to engage anyone in debate outside the organization for fear of being tainted by the spirit of the world.  Witnesses are forbidden to serve in the military and most secular government is considered part or the Devil's kingdom therefore is never trusted.  It is common for the JW's to aid and abet illegal aliens from foreign countries because there is little reason to uphold any patriotism for America.  Their only concern is the Kingdom of Jehovah and that consists of only members of the Watchtower.  Hispanics who have become disenchanted with their Catholic roots are easy targets especially if they happen to be undocumented citizens.  It never seems to cross their mind that the prophet Daniel served under a foreign king as did Joseph serving under the Pharoah, so why now is it that all government is of the Devil?
Witnesses are forbidden to receive a blood transfusion because of their belief that life is in the blood according to the bible.  Jesus on the other hand said, "Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends". (John 15:13)  Jesus not only gave a little blood but he gave it all.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Zuckerberg Forbids Access

A flower shop gets in trouble for refusing to do business with those who trample biblical standards yet Zuckerberg refuses access to Facebook depending on ones political or religious convictions and gets away with it.  He is a classic bigot.
Though draining a swamp might reveal some scum, 
thou shall not call criminals scum!
(That will be another 30 days)

Miracles and Sodom

Then He began to reproach the cities in which most of His miracles were done, because they did not repent.
"Woe to you, Chorazin!  Woe to you Bethsaida! If the miracles had occurred in Tyre and Sidon which occurred in you they would have repented in sackcloth and ashes."
"And you Capernaum, will not be exalted to heaven, will you?  You shall descend to Hades; for if the miracles had occurred in Sodom which occurred in you, it would have remained to this day.  Nevertheless I say to you that it shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom in the day of judgment, than for you." (Matt.11:20-24)
Ruins of Capernaum

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Hidden Reefs

Stay Alert!
The book of Jude gives us a graphic warning regarding our spiritual walk as Christians.   In reference to those who mingle among us that can do us much harm he writes "But these men are hidden reefs in your love feasts when they feast with you without fear..." (Jude 12).
Keeping a look out for other boats and floating debris
Living aboard several different sailboats while cruising the coast of Alaska and Canada as missionaries we learned many valuable lessons, many of which are highlighted in the Bible.  For the most part the art of sailing depends on very basic and practical skills; how deep is the water, how fast are we moving, and where is land.  Charts show us the depth of the water and a picture of the coastline around us but if we don't know where we are on the chart we are lost.  Learning to read and understand these charts is much like read the scripture.  We have to learn where we are in relationship to our surroundings, failure to do so can put us in grave danger.  One must be aware of tide changes which can cause a change in the previously plotted coarse.  In our day of high technology however many get themselves in trouble by depending too much on electronic gadgets and throw caution to the wind.  When technology fails in stormy weather or compromised visibility we can find ourselves on the rocks if we have lost our basic skills of navigation.  Waiting until a storm hits is not a good time to be learning how to navigate.  When the storm comes things get very hectic and confusing.  Learn basic biblical principles before the spam hits the fan.

Over extending ourselves can cause us to make mistakes as well.  Some close friends of ours on a trip to Alaska once pushed themselves too far without sleep, and while their beautiful yacht was on autopilot they fell asleep, ran aground and tore the bottom out of the boat nearly costing their lives.